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Board of Directors

Jose Roberto Romaña Letts, Chairman

Jose Roberto Romaña Letts, a native of Peru has a long history and strong ties in the mining sector of Peru. His most recent position in the mining industry was as a senior executive for Volcan, one of Peru’s largest mining companies. Mr. de Romaña has a degree in Management and Finance from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas and has attended numerous courses and seminars locally in Peru. Mr. de Romañais also a director of a number of successful Peruvian companies involved in a variety of industries, including health, distribution and a manufacturer of equipment for the mining, agriculture and fishing activities.

Rodney Ireland

Rodney Ireland has strong connections to Canadian capital market teams and retail brokerage firms and experience with listed companies including several mining and mineral exploration companies.

Martin Walter, PRESIDENT

Martin Walter has 20+ years of operational and international mineral and mine development experience. He has worked on numerous mining projects worldwide as a consulting geologist and has held a number of executive level positions, including the former President and CEO and a director of TreasuryMetals Inc., the former President of Forrester Resources Corp., a former Director and Executive Vice President of Aquiline Resources Inc.. He was also co-founder and a former director of Crown Point Ventures Ltd., and instrumental in building the assets of that company and the production team in Argentina. Mr. Walter holds a degree in geology from Ballarat University, Australia as well as an MBA from the University of Toronto.


Dr. Williams is an economic geologist with extensive experience in South America.  He is a former Chief Executive Officer and President of Orvana Minerals Corp. and since leaving that company in 2013, he has been a consultant to the mining industry.  Prior to joining Orvana Minerals, he was a Vice President for Phelps Dodge Exploration.  He holds a PhD, Economic Geology from the University of Arizona.